Green Charter

Watering the plantsThe Eco-Schools programme is an International Initiative developed to encourage schools to be aware of the environment. The aim of the Eco-schools Green Charter is to promote environmental awareness in order to improve.

  • The Schools Environment
  • Reduce Waste Litter
  • Reduce Energy & Water use
  • Promote Healthy Lifestyles
  • Encourage Active Partnership
  • Develop International and Global Links

What's in it for schools?

The Eco-Schools programme leads to the international environmental award - the Green Flag. It shows that a school is committed to the maintaining the highest of  standards in environmental education and management

Money and savings

The programme provides guidance about saving energy, reducing waste, and implementing recycling schemes; all of which can add up to direct and long-term savings for schools.

Links to the curriculum

Managing a school’s environmental performance requires knowledge and skills that relate directly to Scottish curricular requirements for ages 3 to 18. There are numerous opportunities to link the curriculum to the Eco-Schools process, as well as other initiatives such as Enterprise and Health Promoting Schools.

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