pic 1The Curriculum we follow is Curriculum for Excellence and is carefully planned to offer children a range of learning experiences throughout the curriculum. Council guidelines gives staff the opportunity to develop a framework for planning. Monitoring and evaluation techniques have been developed by the Management Team and a policy statement developed.

Staff also make time to work with small groups of children on special aspects of learning e.g an interest in books, wildlife, etc

Younger children are offered a curriculum with age appropriate activities and experiences based on the core areas of respect, responsive care and relationships. and the Rights of the Child.

Staff record information about what your child has achieved and guidelines on their next steps in learning and these are made available to parents/carers. More formal parents evenings to discuss progress are arranged twice per year but parents are encouraged to discuss their child's progress at any time with their designated staff member or key worker.

On the right you will find information for the appropriate curriculum followed for you child.

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